Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

    Our clients’ data security is of great importance to us. MARORKA is aware that much of the information collected and presented on MARORKA Online could be regarded as sensitive data, and thus the company is determined to protect it to the fullest possible extent. The following information on the MARORKA Privacy Policy is intended for MARORKA Online users. The policy describes how MARORKA treats and secures data collected by MARORKA on-board systems and displayed on the MARORKA Online website.

    This Policy applies to all MARORKA employees, both part time and full time, contractors, third parties such as storage facilities, agents and anyone else who gains consensual access to the data. We ensure that all employees enter into a contract which explicitly binds them to confidentiality requirements that remain in force after termination of employment. MARORKA will not be held liable for any loss or damage to the data through illegal means.


    The purpose of this Privacy Policy is:

    1. To protect our clients’ sensitive information;
    2. To maintain good business practices;
    3. To protect MARORKA from the consequences of a breach of its obligations.
  2. The information/data we collect

    The data available to MARORKA Online is collected by MARORKA on-board systems and may include data on all possible energy and emission elements of a vessel along with manually entered data. This Privacy Policy applies to all the data collected by these means and displayed on the MARORKA Online website.
  3. How we use the data we collect

    The data we collect via on-board systems is used for analysing and improving the overall energy efficiency of clients’ fleets. MARORKA reserves the right to analyse the data to further improve its own systems. In accordance with Article 13 of MARORKA General Terms and Conditions, MARORKA reserves the right to use all data collected via the on-board systems for analysis and in-house use or for use in third party research and/or development of products for MARORKA. This information may be made public with the client’s consent, However, anonymity will be maintained and the respective client will be untraceable.
  4. Data recording and storage

    1. All collected data is stored at a trusted third-party data storage facility located in Reykjavik, Iceland.
    2. Any third-party data storage company used by MARORKA must provide sufficient security measures and take the required steps to ensure compliance with these measures.
    3. MARORKA has enter into a written contract with the third-party storage company requiring it to comply with any rules imposed on MARORKA by local legislation.
  5. Transparency and client awareness

    1. MARORKA is committed to ensuring that clients are aware that their data is being analysed and used by MARORKA and that they are aware of the purposes for which it is being processed. MARORKA seeks to ensure that clients are aware of any possible disclosure, what their rights are regarding the data and how those rights may be exercised.
    2. MARORKA ensures that employees and others working on the data are fully aware of clients’ rights and MARORKA’s policy regarding the handling of the data.
  6. Changes to the statement

    Please note that this Privacy Policy is subject to change. Clients are therefore encouraged to review this Policy regularly. However, changes will never include the involuntary submission of information. Clients will be notified promptly of all changes made to this Privacy Policy.
  7. Date of creation.

    23. September 2001

  8. Jurisdiction and applicable law

    All data is stored in Reykjavik, Iceland. This policy is therefore governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Iceland.